With Simplicity to Harmony and Nature


With Simplicity to Harmony and Nature

Course&Hands on experience15 days on Permaculture Site!

03.08.2015 – 17.08. 2015

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Healthy people – healthy systems. We will take a practical and hands on approach to “external” sustainable ecological solutions as well as we will explore the art of deeper contact to ourselves.


On the permaculture site we will overview and experience sustainable and traditional ways of living, low impact technologies and simple solutions in different sectors like organic architecture, alternative energy and water supply, natural building, organic gardening, raw and super food, nutrition and herbal medicine, and many more.

P1440998with simplicity to harmony and nature

We will also focus on relaxation, balance between health of the body and our inner self, circulation of natural energies in our bodies and in Nature, by using technics such as tai chi, chi kung, integral yoga, mandalas painting, experiencing life in Nature, meditating, working with energies in the garden, in the forest, in the field…


Together we will create the agenda of each day according to the weather, our feeligs, needs and spontaniously experience more natural way of life.


Longer you stay, less you pay (organic food and accomodation included):

First 3 days – 25E/person/day

Next 3 days – 20E/person/day

Next 4 days – 15E/person/day

Next 5 days – 10E/person/day

You can join, leave and come back to the event whenever you want.


We will share with you:

Permaculture site and alternative technologies and sustainable solutions

Our knowledge and expiriences

Organic food from permaculture garden and local farmers

Library in English with permaculture, natural buildings, organic gardening, herbs, natural spa, medititation, yoga, tai chi, alternative technologies, ecovillages and many more topics

Bikes, hammocks, instruments, etc

Meditation and relax spaces

Internet connection


Contact us: auramm@wp.pl

+48 692325054 – Andre

Here you can see the place: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1v1AbFgTsR4


Accomodation: 2 strawbale houses, your own tent, tipi or dormitorium.

Please bring with you: sleeping bag, flashlight.


Everyone leaves our place strongly inspired and motivated to positive changes! 🙂



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