KooPermatywy Festival 2017

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Foudation „Ogrody Permakultury” organized an International Permaculture Festival „Koopermatywy”, 12 – 14 of may. We invited many speakers, presenters, workshop leaders who spoke about biodiversity, permaculture, sustainability, wild plants, seeds and cooperation in these fields, which brighten more people in a positive direction We invited also representants from Nyeleni movement and food cooperatives. There was also an open space for people, participants who wanted to present their ecological projects or share his/her knowledge or skill.

The main aim of the festival was to connect people and find common fields for cooperation and strnenghten exisiting exchanges.

The event was organized on newely bought permaculture site in Podlodówek, which was for the first time prepared for such big festival. From almost 0 point we had to prepare rooms and spaces for lectures and workshops.

We had over 200 people on the Festival.

The Festival KooPermatywy held on May 2017 in Poland was a part of the international project PolyCulture- Food Resilience through Biodiversity in Local Communites finansed by NCM.

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