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                                                      Welcome to our new website!

Andrzej (Andrew), an artist, in recent years an eco-designer dedicated to the eco-village movement.  Monika, teacher and event planner, especially interested in alternative education.  Their daughter, Aura, a junior-high school student with artistic talents and a knack for bringing our friends together.

We live 16km from Lublin in a small village called Pryszczowa Gora, our green sanctuary, where we’ve been cultivating our Permaculture garden for the last 15 years or so.  There are more eco-famillies, fellow fugitives from big cities, in our area spread out throughout the neighbouring villages.  Together we have an eco association called “Dla Ziemi” (“For the Earth”) as well as an association of protectors of nature “Zielona Swoboda” (“Comfortably Green”).  As the beginnings of an eco-village we belong to G.E.N. – Global Eco-village Network.

Our objective is to promote healthy lifestyle choices, vegetarianism, an ethical and from-the-heart approach to nature and to the animals and people surrounding us.

Permaculture (derived from “permanenent” and “agriculture”) aims to revert back to cooperation with nature with the objective to create healthy, prosperous and biodiverse ecosystems.  The idea is to attain optimal self-sustainability, and to take full responsibility for the immediate area, environment and people.  We look to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for Permaculture through our workshops which are held at our place or elsewhere in a supportive environment.  We work on translating articles in this domain.  We readily diffuse methods for economic and healthy eco-construction (ex. using wood, straw bales, clay, earth etc.) as well as the implimentation of alternative and reusable energy sources.

We support a variety of world views and opinions.  We wish to work towards cooperation and team-work as opposed to competition.


Our contact information:


tel.: +48 692325054

About us :

Andrzej Mlynarczyk is, professionally, a designer.  A rural inhabitant for the past 20 years, he is a member of the Dabrowka group, near Lublin.  He belongs to the Global Eco-village Network (GEN).  He has spent a lot of time travelling and learning about alternative education in Europe’s eco-villages.  Each year workshops are held in the permaculture garden that Monika and he tend to.  He is an active helper in newly developed eco-village projects in Poland where he is interested mostly by alternative solutions to social organization, the infrastructure necessary for self-sustainability, renewable energies and environmental protection.  He finished postgraduate studies at Alternative Design in Folkecenter Thy Denmark



Monika Podsiadla, a permaculture activist and teacher, certified in pedagogy.  A passionate gardener with a vast knowledge of permaculture cultivation and planting at her disposal.  She independantly studies the medicinal properties of specific plants.  She has participated in many courses and GEN Europe gatherings.  She gladly discusses her experiences with others.  Interested also by alternative medecine and natural cosmetics, she works on adapting permaculture ideas for city dwellers looking to move out to the country.  She is a guest speaker at local schools of all levels where she teaches about ecoloy, organic horticulture and composting.



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